Curriculum Vitae
     What I Have Done As A

     Sales Methodology
  • Educated groups of professional salespeople on the importance of their jobs, the sales process, how and why they should apply the basics at every sales call, the value of healthy competition in a team environment, the application of sales skills to day-to-day living, and how to apply sales skills to their personal growth.
  • Administered role-playing, group discussions and other exercises, as well as tests and exams, when necessary, as well as on and off-site coaching for practical applications of the sale process.
  • Presented an overview of sales steps, detailed understanding of each stage of sales, and sales challenges in closing a sale, and addressed related problems and solutions.
  • Conducted one-on-one counseling for business owners and CEO’s, and customized methods for training contents, with special strength in needs assessment packets.
  • Evaluated the company and its objectives and designed a customized sales training plan which resulted in needed attitude improvements and achievement of goals on the part of staff.
  • Developed new techniques to increase sales effectiveness while reducing production cost, and produced customer service and training manuals for managers and staff.
  • Facilitated training of staff and partners on knowledge of product features and advantages, emphasizing the benefits and how to apply this knowledge on sales calls.

     Business Operation

  • Designed courses and information sessions to those who want run their own business, or plan to start a new one.
  • Conducted assessment programmes for individuals to utilize their own skills and talents, and become their own boss.
  • Provided managers, operators, and owners of existing businesses, with the necessary tools, techniques, and procedures on how to expand theirs.
  • Taught step-by-step practical management skills to entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, professionals.
  • Delivered a wide variety of subjects, from business ideas to organization and the operation of an enterprise to the participants.

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