Curriculum Vitae
     What I Have Done As A

     Business Operation Consultant
  • Conducted one-on-one counseling for business owners to maintain a positive attitude to achieve their goals; developed new techniques to increase sales effectiveness while reducing production cost
  • Met and interviewed business owners, partners and CEO’s, discovering and understanding their requirements for their projects, perspectives and objectives
  • Built, sustained, and leveraged professional consultative relationships with employees, validating necessary recommendations
  • Engaged all necessary stakeholders in communications between different departments, identifying individual and team responsibilities
  • Completed research on current and best practices within a given business sector, by interacting with other professionals in the field
  • Identified and documented project requirements in order, capturing required outcomes and the business's overall objectives
  • Adhered to organization's requirements, supporting the standards and ensuring consistency of deliverables
  • Participated in the development of strategic and tactical plans for future projects and business direction
  • Made information accessible to the client by utilizing various computer programs and presentation styles
  • Presented information through written format, public speaking, or even hands-on training to individuals
  • Collaborated with business partners, including senior management, to define business objectives
  • Provided coaching, guidance, and support to a variety of departments, as required
  • Determined potential impacts on the project scope and business environment
  • Determined the best approach in order to analyze and prioritize business needs
  • Modified management plan requirements when needed

Contact Information:

(416) 925-8858

Toronto, Ontario (CANADA)

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