Curriculum Vitae

      The Person You Are Looking For

      A multifaceted business consultant who examines and delivers solutions by studying existing processes, policies and technologies and makes recommendations that enable an organization to achieve desired goals more rapidly and effectively.

      What I Bring To The Table

         Dedicated and analytically oriented, with strong leadership qualities that are required to take charge and get things done, I am a well organized, resourceful decision maker, who seeks challenging opportunities.
         Results-oriented and solution-focused, I manage complex projects efficiently and have experience in the design and development of businesses and operation strategies, from scratch to completion.

        What I Have Done

      Where I Have Been

         As an entrepreneur I launched the Canaglobe group of companies, which is a support system that enables small to medium size companies to promote themselves in the market place. And I help other businesses that range from telecommunications and financial companies to Mom-and-Pop retail shops, to laser focus their priorities, and increase their productivity.
      Canaglobe Group of Companies* (Toronto, Ontario)
      Canaglobe Marketing Ent. (Vancouver, B.C.)
      Amex International Realty Corp. (Vancouver, B.C.)
      Samco Printers Ltd. (Vancouver, B.C.)
      Electrolux Canada (Toronto, Ontario)
      Mutual of Omaha (Downsview, Ontario)
      Discount Printing House (Concord, Ontario)
         * I have provided services for a number of companies, including but not limited to, LINK-ON Communications, Globlal Educational Marketing, YOOTEL Communications, Metroland, Bannya Systems, Heritage Auctioneers, Design Solution, Multicom Media, Captain Print Works, Commercial Design & Multimedia, D.R.Z. Printing and Publishing, Y.M.C.A., Cybertech Computers, Paragon Reproductions, and to name a few, and have been commended for my no-nonsense business approach.
      What I Know


      Computer Studies
      Microtron (Toronto, Ontario)
      Applied Real Estate / Marketing
      British Columbia Real Estate Association (Vancouver, B.C.)
      Real Estate & Sub-Mortgage
      University of British Columbia (Vancouver, B.C.)
      Printing & Publishing
      Kelsey College (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
      General Science
      University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
      Kabul University (Kabul, Afghanistan)
      Special Studies
      Sales Training
      ABS Canada
      Business Analysis
      Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
      Tad James
      The Platinum Rule
      DR. Tony Alessandra
      Performance Enhancement Quotient
      Jay Abraham & Chet Holmes
      The Psychology of Achievement
      Brian Tracy
      Communication and Leadership Program
      Toastmasters International
      Sales Success Seminars
      Pat Munro
      Unlimited Power Program
      Anthony Robbins
      Production Management
      Sharif Enterprises
      What You Get

      Years of Experience

      Printing Industry
      Real Estate
      Computer Skills
      Windows, Macintosh
      Administrative       Applications:
      Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel), Internet Explorer, Contact Management (such as Act!), Estimating, Accounting, CRM software, etc…
      Design &       Publishing:
      Ability to work with Adobe Photoshop and variety of graphic software, Visio, FileMaker Pro, and familiar with HTML

      References Will Be Provided Upon Your Request.

Contact Information:

(416) 925-8858

Toronto, Ontario (CANADA)

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